Sculpting is a multi-step and multi-visit process.
Available upon request for parties or groups of 8 or more:

Pasta Bowl - $40 pp 

 Clay Hand Building: Coil or Pinch Pots - $25 pp

Animal figurines:  $25 pp

Clay 12" Wizard:  $30 pp

Non-Profit Organizations

We are registered as a preferred vendor with the Girl Scouts of America and an approved Boy Scout of America merit badge counselor for pottery and sculpting!

Listed below are non-profit organization (e.g., scouts, guides) pricing and classes (minimum group size is 8). Nonprofit group activities may only be held weekdays and must PAY BY CHECK OR CASH in order to receive these discounted rates.  For more details on non profit packages including clay events click here for Non-Profit Specials.  See our 2019 booking policy

>> Clay Sculpting (pinch pot/coil pot/small scupture - two sessions: one hour for sculpting, another return to studio for glazing/painting) - $25 pp per sculpture
Includes a $12 tile to paint during your first visit at no additional charge. 

>> Pottery BS Merit Badge (pinch and coil pot plus wheel throwing 101 lesson to make a wheel thrown pot) - $60
Includes 2-3 sessions for creating the clay pottery, and a the lesson on career education and history of pottery, plus dipping overglazing, loading and firing kiln, and finally returning to paint/glaze all 3 creations.)  Choose one of our wheel 101 sessions to enroll for the wheel throwing portion of your badge.

>> Sculpting BS Merit Badge (life size head scupture and other merit badge fulfilment included) - $60 pp for scouts / $80 for non-scouts
Includes four separate sessions in studio for a total of 6-8 hours plus additional studio time for painting/glazing).

>> Clay Ornament Making (4 ornaments pp - two one-hour sessions, one for sculpting and another to return to paint/glaze the creations) - $15

>> Clay Sculpting On Your Own (Includes use of tools, firing and glazing. Clay must dry up to 7 to 10 days before bisque firing and glazing) - $12 per 1 pound 

Call us @ 847-540-7772 to schedule your event. Credit card required to make reservation.  All classes are pending instructor availability and space. 

Walk-In Clay Sculpting

$12 per pound
Includes use of tools, clay, glaze, and firings. (Non instructional activity.  Must know how to work with clay. No guarantee of outcome of sculpture when fired.)

promo scouts

Attention All Clay Customers: 

  • Clay creations must dry up to 7 to 10 days before bisque firing and before glazing.
  • Return to glaze creations in 2 to 3 weeks after receiving a call or text from us.
  • Complete process from start to finished creation may take up to 1 month before the items are ready to be picked up.  
  • Clay Monet is not responsible for the outcome of sculpted or wheel thrown items created outside of an instructor lead and during an instructor lead scheduled class or due to clay gases causing disruption of the clay integrity or improper thickness of creation (holes/cracking). Clay will be clay and is unpredictiable.